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Classified Realty Group is committed to providing business excellence and demonstrating unsurpassed professionalism in assisting buyers and sellers of residential real estate in their pursuit of a mutually beneficial buy/sell transaction.  Agents of Classified Realty are committed to protecting their clients’ privacy, to transacting business with honesty and integrity, and to providing outstanding customer service.





Classified Realty is an independently owned and operated residential real estate company which opened for business on January 14th, 2006.  The company focuses primarily on helping its clients buy and sell homes on the North Shore of Boston, throughout the Merrimack Valley, and southern New Hampshire.  In 2016, we celebrated our 10th anniversary.  What began as a single office in North Reading and a handful of agents has grown to more than 30 agents and locations in Reading, North Reading, and Wakefield and plans to open additional offices in the coming years.  The additional offices in Reading and Wakefield have helped tremendously in the recruitment of exceptionally talented sales agents who really know their local market enabling us to better serve our clients. 


Over the years, much has changed within the real estate market and within Classified Realty; but the reasons for making Classified Realty your real estate partner have remained unchanged.  The most important ones are: discretion, professionalism, experience, and commitment




Every real estate transaction begins with the exchange of confidential information.  By necessity, clients share their most personal information with their real estate agent.  Subjects like annual income and their reasons for moving are often a part of the conversation between realtor and client.  At Classified, we’re committed to keeping our client’s personal information very private.  Confidentiality matters in every town, especially small ones.


Our company's name, Classified, represents more than just the section in the newspaper where our property listings can be found.  It stands as a constant reminder of our obligation to our clients to keep their personal information private and discreet.



We are a group of professional business people committed to our profession, not just weekend real estate salespeople.  Every Classified sales agent has experience working in another industry prior to choosing a career in real estate.  Our sales team consists of small business owners, a healthcare professional, customer service agents, a financial analyst, and many more. 


Our agents’ vast business experience enables us to better serve our clients because we’re familiar with and we understand the importance of technology in the workplace.  We know how critical a solid marketing plan is to the success of every real estate transaction and we’re very familiar with the tools that can best help us implement it.


We also know the importance of creativity and of constantly trying new ideas.  Most importantly, we know the importance of having strong communication skills and providing outstanding customer service.  Real estate is our business! 





Classified Realty’s broker owner and 30 plus agents have a very broad range of experience helping clients buy and sell homes in Reading, North Reading, Wakefield, southern New Hampshire, and the surrounding communities.  Many have years of experience in the real estate industry working for large real estate chains or for smaller independent agencies like Classified Realty, while others are relatively new or just beginning their real estate career.  Having many agents with different degrees of experience creates an office environment of outstanding collaboration and a unique blending of new ideas and proven best practices all of which helps us better serve our clients.     


In addition to our years of experience in the field, we also have an abundance of classroom time enabling us to keep up with the latest real estate trends as well as the new real estate rules, regulations and changes to state and federal real estate law.




At Classified Realty, we are committed to earning our client’s trust and to keeping it.  The real estate profession is built upon referrals and repeat business and no real estate company can survive without them.  We know our long-term success depends upon our ability to meet our clients’ expectations every time.  That means never making promises we cannot keep and it means setting realistic expectations early in the process to avoid disappointment and frustration later on.


We are committed to having in-depth conversations with our clients to make certain that there are no surprises.  If you’re interested in working with one of our buyer agents to assist you in buying a home, we’ll make certain you have all of the necessary data to make an informed decision.  We aren’t thinking quick sale we’re thinking long-term relationship.


If you’re selling your home, we’ll discuss everything including the price, the marketing plan, and the approximate range of expected days on the market.  If based upon our experience, we believe our client’s expectations cannot be met we’ll tell them and encourage them to rethink the situation.  If we can agree, we work together.  However, there are times that we cannot agree and we suggest they work with another firm.  Turning away potential business is difficult.  Disappointing a client and knowing there’s no chance of working together in the future is much worse and it’s bad for business.  Everyone, including our company, loses in a poorly orchestrated real estate transaction. 


Give us an opportunity and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how different we are from other real estate agencies!

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Classified Realty Group is committed to providing business excellence and demonstrating unsurpassed professionalism in assisting buyers and sellers of residential real estate in their pursuit of a mutually beneficial buy/sell transaction. Agents of Classified Realty are committed to protecting their clients’ privacy and to transacting business with honesty and integrity.