Audrey & Jerry Giuliano

Audrey Giuliano 617-633-1198 Jerry Giuliano 617-633-1168

Classified Realty Group

234 Park St North Reading, MA 01864

For the past 12 years we have been Realtors, with the Classified Realty Group, helping people to find, buy, market, and sell their homes in North Reading, and surrounding towns.

Besides our successful real estate transactions in North Reading, Reading, Wakefield, and Salem,  as Resident Realtors, at The Greens in North Reading, we have been involved in most of the transactions that have taken place, here, for more than a decade.

We listen; we hear the goal; we plan the work, and work the plan; we pave the way for smooth transaction from start to "close", and make that happen. That's what our clients write about.